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About the Project

This project started on the bus to Tivoli one rainy day in 2012.

As I sat on the bus looking out at the road, I saw the Italian Fascist EUR complex on top of a hill and I knew I wanted to write about it.

Stadio Dei MarmiThe vicious simplicity of the lines paired with the evocation of Ancient Rome has been endlessly intriguing to me.

As an Art History major at Kalamazoo College I was required to complete a Senior Individualized Project in order to graduate in 2014.

My dad, A.J. Hartley, and I had a chance to photograph the site on another rainy Roman day in December 2013 and these photos are the result of our efforts.

This online database compiles and organizes these photos with information about the artists, inscriptions, and other subjects related to each of the marble statues.

This site was created as a final project for Professor Björn Anderson's Digital Approaches to the Study of Art class at the University of Iowa.

An earlier incarnation of the site used Omeka as a platform, but the Collective Access technology allows for more flexibility. For instance, under the Explore menu, you can look at the Foro statues using location, year and other facets such as keywords and photographer. Then you can see them in thumbnails, lists, maps or timeline views.

Because this site technically catalogues the photos and not the statues, some of the metadata refers to the photograph, and some refers to the original statue format, artist, and inscriptions.

I have researched the site and its recent history in-depth and my research can be found on my website.

These statues are both ancient and modern and stand in Rome as a relic of the tragic events of the 20th century. I hope you enjoy browsing them as much as I have enjoyed studying them.


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